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                   DigiSelect Release History          Go to NetScan History


Aug 2015 Version
Updates for Windows 10
Digispot Fix error when closing
Move to new Web host

Jan 2014 Version
DigiScreen: Change order of Next and Back text
Fix bug when loading new

July 2012 Version
DigiDMX: Speed up DMX sends by not request interface initialize every time and reduce the number of calls to update
DigiDMX: Bugfix � set limits for channels (0 - 255)
DigiDMX: add Support the DMX Pro (add DMX = PRO to the [Setup] section of the Digi.ini file)

June 2012 Version
DigiPlayer Fix volume level on �Search for Clip�
Scene Setup: Fix issue when Track volume is empty
DigiPlayer: Made stop button bigger
DigiSelect: Fix so DigiDMX initiates when checked on DigiSelect Startup
DigiSelect Change transition order so fade comes before Lighting
DigiSelect fixed issue with Lights flashing when fading volume

May 2012 Version
DigiDMX only send DMX when status is connected
DigiPlayer: Add tool tips to Player Play and stop button
DigiPlayer: Add Player refresh to see volume slider change during fade
AddScene: Change �Start Position� to �Track Volume�
DigiSelect: Enable �Track Volume� for each Scene and �Anytime Recall�
DigiSelect: Fix double play when using a mouse to select scenes in AutoPlay

Feb 2012 Version
DigiDisplay: Change �Prev:� to �Back�
DigiSelect: Enabled �Next� and �Previous� from any presentation remote
DigiSelect: try again every 3 months
DigiSelect: Fix deleting current file when �Save As� to current file

Feb 2012 Version
DigiDMX: enabled up to 50 DMX Scene memories
DigiSelect: Cosmetic changes to Scene Setup window
DigiSelect: Fix error on some systems when loading new configurations

Jan 2012 Version
About: Added fix for when update file is moved - error message is generated
DigiSelect: Fix error when moving Scenes Up or Down when there are no scenes
DigiSelect Fix error when the playlist has no value for start time to default to 0
DigiSelect: Fix error of double play when using hot key and mouse is over the Playlist (Moved mouse)
AutoPlay: User start position as wait timer

Jan 2012 Version
DigiSelect: Removed Auto Fade menu selection
DigiSelect: Added Loop, Fade & Start position to each Scene
DigiSelect: Added the ability to edit scenes
DigiPlayer: Fixed the loop mode from adding 'Loop'� multiple time in the Player status bar
DigiSelect: Fix 'Save As' function to not add to existing files
DigiSelect: Fix error when opening a bad format playlist - Closed File when error
DigiSelect: Fix player stop button to fade
DigiSelect: Fix Anytime Recall to stop double Play and improve Remote compatibility on different Operating systems
DigiPlayer: Fix so Track fades if next track is not found
DigiDMX: Fix light Chaser error when selecting 18 channels
Cosmetic: Renamed Clip to Track

Jan 2012 Version
DigiPlayer: Add hotkey for immediate stop when AutoFade has been selected
DigiPlayer Fix AutoShow if Scene location is '-'
DigiPlayer Fix AutoShow to stop playing if Scene location is'Not Found'
DigiPlayer  Fade current playing track if next track does not exist
DigiPlayer: Added Looping for current track to toolbar button and hot key 'L'
DigiSelect: Add Config file 'Save As' and 'Load New' to the DigiSelect menu under Setup
DigiSelect: Fix the Load Functionality to not require a restart
DigiSelect: Fix default names from SaveAs
DigiSelect: Move config File to ProgramData (AppData-XP) so it will be saved when installing updates
DigiSelect: Enabled Auto Light, Auto Fade and & Remote Function menu settings to be restored on restart

December 2011 Version
DigiDMX: Fix so Full menu always shows (Save and load Config)
DigiSelect: Default playlist has instructions on install
DigiPlayer: Fix So clip keeps playing during lighting only changes
DigiPlayer: Fix AutoFade when not in AutoPlay mode

December 2011 Version
test release

July 2011 Version 20012
DigiDMX: Add DMX fader interval to Digi.ini file
   Fader = 100
DigiSelect: Fix Auto Show feature
DigiSelect: Fix Win7 issue with Play button

July 2011 Version 20011
DigiDMX: Set default time for DMX send to 200ms
DigiDMX: Add DMX timer interval to Digi.ini file
  Timer = 200

May 2011 Version 20010
DigiDMX: Set Maximum size
Manual: updated Function Keys
DigiDMX: Fix close error- Hide only
DigiDMX: lengthen lighting Transition
About: Add 'Check for Updates' button

April 2011 Version
All - Enable configuration to select DigiPlayer or DigiDMX as primary Screen
Edit digi.ini code
    Primary=DigiDMX (no value = DigiPlayer)
DigiDMX - Fix spacing at bottom of Screen
Fix error on shutdown

March 2011 Version
DigiDMX fix so you do not need path if Playlist in same folder (So you can move to another PC)
DigiDMX: Capability to save & load Config files (use F6 to see option in menu)
DigiDMX: Save labels if shutting down DigiSelect
DigiSelect: Resize font in display per window size
DigiDMX: Select Light Chase as default

March 2011 Version
Bug Fixes
Fix start menu folder to Interfaze
Fix Closing error by fixing close statement

February 2011 Version
Fix Compiling issue with AutoShow and play button from Version 205
Digiselect: Added F2 function to toggle display mode
Fix single click to play selected item

February 2011 Version
DigiSpot: Fix Spot to work across all channel banks
SpotConfig: Remove Minimize and maximize and restore form close X
DigiDMX: Fix Chaser to only show on first channel Bank
All: Restore hidden Forms to normal state when selecting menu item to open

January 2011 Version
DigiSelect: Cosmetic changes to Add Scene Frame, Playlist Frame, Set minimum size of Frame, Set variable size for Playlist File Label
DigiSelect: ËœAdd scene" throws error if no hostile
DigiSelect add default host file

December 2010 Version
Fix 'DigiDMX'and 'About' Menu items to bring forms to front
Correct Spelling on 'Creat New' to 'Create new' menu item
Correct 'Note pad' to ' Notepad' menu item
Add Clip: replace Find button with Magnifying glass (Clean up look and add Tool tip)
Player: Add tool tip to magnifying glass
Enable Support for 600x800 screen resolution

November 2010 Version
Fix Auto show Clock
Enable Recall Labels to select anytime recall sceen

November 2010 Version
Main: Made Anytime Recall labels selectable
DigiSelect: Added 'AutoShow'� Feature
Player: Fixed Pause from stopping clip
Main: Change Display to show 'Next' and 'Previous'clip in all modes
Main: Fix "Save As"

October 2010 Version
***All new redesign using Visual Studio.NET 2010 with Click once & MS 4.0 framework

June 2010 Version 1.6.1
Last of VB6 Design - Not released
DigiDj - Add Scene Sequencer
DigiDMX - Add ability to open new config files
DigiDMX & Setup - Add addition 10 scene memory for 30 total Scenes (Fix in Set up)
DigiDMX - Upgrade to 90 DMX Channels
DigiSelect - Upgrade to 45 Hot buttons (enable Setup for 45 Scenes)

March 2010 Version 1.5.2
DigiSelect - Fixed progress bar to reflect FF & RW
DigiSelect - Fixed player is nothing on Stop
DigiDMX - Add configuration lock to DIGIDMX Menu

January 2010 - version 1.5.1
Fix graphics for Vista
DigiDMX: Fix right Click menu
Added MultiMedia Remote - (Keyboard hook)

December 2009 - Version 1.4.5
Setup - allow for user to select location of new clip
Setup - put Add and Delete clip in pop up menu
Setup - Put refresh and close in menu bar
Setup - Stop adding clips after 30 when 'Add Clip' form is open
Setup - Playlist buttons so they do no duplicate headings in Playlist box
Setup - Fix "create new" so it cannot be an existing file
Setup - add error if Playlist file does not exists
DigiSelect - Fixed lockup error when AutoPlay & AutoLight are selected and the DMX entry is not valid
DigiSelect & Setup - Fix issues and add error message when playlist deleted

Email us for earlier release details

                 NetScan Release History         Go to DigiSelect history

  Version 0.1 - 1.5 (Development)   1/2001 - 12/2002

Version 1.6     (First public Release)     12/2002
Added New Trace route tool Called Trace-IT
New better looking logging device with ability to FIFO after 1000 entries
Added drop down list in NetScan tools to select from devices in host.dat file.
Added Right click pop-up-menu to log files
Fix Dialer test
Fix error in tools mod when no host file.
Reword help text for easier understanding
Fixed problem with clearing log file when using "x" to close.

Version 1.7                   3/2003
Reorder version from 16 to 1.7
Add SNMP tool
Add SMTP error notification
Add System tray icon
Fix Delay=long integer in TCP mode
Fix Line color problem in Viewer

Version 1.8                     6/2003
Add latency Graph function
Fix sec to ms discrepancy in delay display

Version 1.9                      9/2003
Fix Event Log Sort
migrate all old MScomControl 5.0 to 6.0
Change from version 19 to 1.9

Version 2.0.X                   6/2004 - 3/2005
(1)Add Bandwidth Utilization tool
(2)Update SNMP Tool with New ListView and Column Sorting
(3)Update Discovery tool for easier IP entry and sweep across class C subnets
(4) Add Get all feature for SNMP tool
(4) Add IF info feature for SNMP tool
(10) Add TX Rate-IT tool
(10) Fix problem with Ping, Discover and Trace when Firewall set status passed
(10) Redesign Port Scan, Ping, Discover tools
(10) Upgrade to Service pack 6
(11) ARP for MAC
(12) Add DNS names to Discover-IT
(12) Add hostnames to Trace-IT & Fix results of unresolved names

Version 2.2.X                       4/2005 - 12/05
(1) Add list box to all tools with Copy feature
(1) changed all tools to milliseconds
(1) Change startup position to manual
(2) Add Script feature
(2) new smaller Icons & Large Icon with Drop down menu selection
(4) Replace Large icons on viewer window with smaller icons
(5) Fix issue with Resize and Logging Discovery tool (6) Fix Log Graph math, Fix PING, ARP & TELNET file not found error, Size memory for NetView

Version 2.3.X                       2009
NetScan - Remember last selected host file
NetScan - Default directory set for hostfile directory
Setup - enable moving host up or down in the list
Fix error notifications through SMTP mail
Fix for Vista Compatibility
Add Last opened Hostfile memory

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