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Tool Tips & Troubleshooting

NetScan-IT & DigiSelect

Microsoft Vista and Windows7 Does not store application created files in the application default directory under program files. Vista stores them under the user profile is a virtual store as part of the "User Account Control" security. This is usually not an issues with our applications unless you are trying to find and edit setup files. When using Vista or Window7 be sure you save your Hostfile (NetScan) or Playlist (DigiSelect) in a user Directory and not a system directory or you may be unable to edit properly.

Vista Virtual Store:  C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\AppName

Turn of System generated Sounds: You may want to disable all system generated sounds during your show to avoid any unwanted noise. this can be done in your PC's Sound configuration, found in Settings --> Countrol Panel --> Sound , by setting the "Sound Scheme" to 'No Sounds'.

 Some Vista PCs will beeps when selecting an item in the playlist. This can be disabled by either:

  •  Editing the registry for the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\Schemes\Apps\.Default\CCSelect\.current\(Default) This item should have a null value set. Just double click the data field and empty out anything in it (This will just stop the beep in your Listview)    - OR -

  • Editing the 'Default Beep' in your PC's Sound configuration, found in Settings --> Countrol Panel --> Sound , to 'None" (this will stop all system Default Beeps )


  XP SP2 limits the number of simultaneous incomplete outbound TCP connection attempts. After the rate is reached, subsequent connection attempts are placed in a queue eventually to be resolved at a fixed rate. This will effect the PortScan-IT tool if scanning more than 10 ports at a time. It may also effect the monitoring and Discovery tools if using TCP connections for the scan. Using a higher timeout will help resolve the issue but will cause a longer time to complete the scan. 

For More info  ->  http://www.tech-recipes.com/windows_tips559.html   or


Microsoft Vista does not come, by default, with the Telnet utility so the feature to use telnet by right clicking a host in the log file does not work. The work around is to find a copy of the telnet utility online and add to System folder

You can use the Discover-IT TCP port selection to find all devices on your network listening on a certain port. This is a useful tool to find all devices that support Telnet, SNMP …

ARPing across a router running ‘Proxy ARP’ will give the router MAC since the router knows that the target address is on another subnet that it can reach, it will reply with its own MAC address to the requesting Host. 


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